History for All the People

History for all the People


Exhibit Design by Justin Chambers
Exhibit Text by Charlotte Brow and Patricia Samford

The Nimlock traveling exhibit panels owned by Archives and History provide eighty square feet of exhibit space. The physical components consist of three panels—two each measuring 2' x 8' and one measuring 6' x 8'.

The exhibit text is broken down into eight sections as follows: an Introduction, five sections that break the 100-year period into two-decade segments, a section on Archives and History today, and a space for promotional materials/brochures.

As part of the Centenial Celebration, this exhibit will be on display at the State Capitol and the North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh.


North Carolina Museum of History

Teddy Roosevelt Button - 1904
Presidential Ink: Signatures and Memorabilia
See the original signatures of all 42 men who have held the nation’s highest office. Don’t miss your chance to see this exhibit that celebrates our nation’s leaders and the 100th anniversary of the N.C. Historical Commission. Open through May 25, 2003.

IMAGE: Campaign button for presidential candidate Theodore Roosevelt and vice presidential candidate Charles Warren Fairbanks, 1904. Credit: N.C. Museum of History

North Carolina State Archives

Presidential Seal
George Washington Signature
Presidential Signatures
View documents selected for display in Presidential Ink: Signatures and Memorabilia, at the North Carolina Museum of History. The exhibit focuses on a collection of documents from the holdings of the State Archives bearing the signatures of all the men who have served as president of the United States.

IMAGES: Top—Presidential Seal; Bottom—George Washington transmits a lists of amendments to the Constitution of the United States to Governor Samuel Johnston. Credit: North Carolina State Archives


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