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Gov. Mike Easley and Jerry Cashion
Gov. Mike Easley (right) appoints Dr. Jerry Cashion as new chairman of the North Carolina Historical Commission, June 2001.

  North Carolina Historical Commission
Governing policy for North Carolina's historical resources.

The North Carolina Historical Commission
Cultural Resources Secretary Libba Evans (center) and Dr. Jeffrey J. Crow, deputy secretary for Archives & History (first row, second from right), with the North Carolina Historical Commission.
Dr. Jerry Cashion

Alan D. Watson
Kemp P. Burpeau
Millie M. Barbee
Janet N. Norton
B. Perry Morrison
Mary Hayes Holmes
Gail W. O'Brien
Margaret S. Smith
Freddie Parker
Paul D. Escott

Emeritus Status
Hon. Jim Crawford
William S. Powell
H. G. Jones
Max R. Williams


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