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1903-1909 A Chance Beginning, A Solid Start . . .
Warsaw, N.C.
WARSAW, N.C. Site of the first meeting of the N.C. Historical Commission, 1903.
R. D. W. Connor
R.D.W. CONNOR (1878-1950) First Secretary, N.C. Historical Commission. First Archivist of the United States, 1934-1941.
William J. Peele
WILLIAM J. PEELE (1855-1919) Raleigh lawyer who proposed the resolution establishing the North Carolina Historical Commission. Peele was one of three members of the commission present at the first meeting.

The people of North Carolina are realizing more and more every day that it is not safe to trust the future to the control of a people who are ignorant of their past; and that no people who are indifferent to their past need hope to make their future great.
R. D. W. Connor, 1904

James Hufham
JAMES HUFHAM (1834-1921) Baptist minister and editor, present at the first meeting of the North Carolina Historical Commission.
Judge Walter Clark
WALTER CLARK (1846-1924) Civil War veteran, chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, and compiler of The State Records of North Carolina. Clark was the first president of the North Carolina Literary and Historical Association, 1900-1901.
Pleasant Retreat Academy
PLEASANT RETREAT ACADEMY Lincolnton, N.C. In 1908 the North Carolina legislature appropriated funds to the Lincolnton UDC to purchase the building for use as a museum.

N.C. has been so foolish in laying claim to everything in sight and on every occasion that I am sick unto death of claims that cannot be proved. When we can prove claims then we may boast.
Stephen B. Weeks (historian) to R. D. W. Connor, July 25, 1905


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